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One at a Time

on October 29, 2013

I am realizing how much time I spend bouncing from task to task.  I used my interval timer to help me focus on cleaning.  12 minutes BEEB 12 minutes BEEB. . . .I switched from cleaning the kitchen to cleaning other parts of the main level.  The kitchen was the main priority, but I also didn’t want the kitchen to be spotless and the rest of the house to look like a tornado came through.

I learned that staying on task for even 12 minutes was difficult for me.  I’d see something else and want to do that quickly.  Sometimes because of boredom and sometimes because of a change in priority.  I do think the intervals helped me to stick with cleaning longer because it kept me from getting bored or frustrated with how long something was taking.

I have the same tendencies while working out and at my job.  I find myself doing 5 different tasks before a short email is written.   While working out,  I find I can run faster and longer if I change-up the speed rather than keep at a steady average pace.

The key is trying to figure out how much of this is part of my personality and should find ways to fit this style of working and how much is a skill I need to develop with practice.


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