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Random Cleaning

on October 16, 2013

I’ve had a bunch of family come to visit me this month.   It was nice in so many ways.  Cleaning wise it is nice because it’s motivation to clean, but there isn’t the pressure of normal house guests.  I know my family will love me regardless and will not be shocked no matter what the current state of my house is.

I decided to do some random cleaning.  Cleaning what inspired me—-not some magical order.  Usually I clean the kitchen and surfaces first or start with the biggest mess that is visible when I walk in the front door.  Today I did the tasks that seemed like fun or the  messes that were bugging me the most.  The only rule was that I TRIED to finish one task before going to the next.

Here it is:

  • deep clean one section of kitchen counter
  • sweep and scrub the floor
  • process tomatoes and peppers
  • cook Italian sausage
  • scrubbed marks off the wall

Well I’m off to finish folding socks and drink my tea.


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