In Pursuit of an Organized Life

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My Desk

on October 10, 2013

I have shifted to a new position at my job.  Along with the change in job responsibilities, the job comes along with a large office space with about 25 people.   We all have a full size desk, filing cabinet, and shelves.  While I at times miss having the privacy of having my own space, there has been some benefits of having a shared space.

My desk is visible to anyone who walks by.   I tried to keep it tidy, but it was amazing how fast it filled up.  Then positive peer pressure stepped in.  Other people on my team started to clean their desks.   It made my space look worse by comparison.  It also made me feel like tidying was a productive activity.   Sometimes taking the time to clean and organize felt like a stalling tactic to getting something else more pressing done on my to-do list.  I managed to keep it clean for 2 days.  There is a partially finished project on my desk, but I should be able to get that tidied before the weekend.  Now if I could only use that same motivation to clean my house.


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