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Day in the Life

on August 1, 2013

I have a day to myself to get stuff done.  YEAH!!! Hopefully it is productive.  I figured I’d keep track of how I spent my time to A) Motivate me to be more productive.   B) Help me know how I spent my time incase I get frustrated that I didn’t get more done.

4:50-6:00  In and out of sleep—-really weird dreams

6-6:30  Play on computer

6:30–8:00 Get kids ready for school and drop off

8:00-8:30  Load laundry and start this post 🙂

8:30-9:00  Fold and put away kids laundry.  Sort through pants drawers.  Refill coffee

9:00-9:40  Transfer Laundry.  Wash mirrors, toilets, and sinks.

9:40-10:38 Send emails, Talk with insurance. Pay Bill.  Tidy counter.

10:38-11:43  Load dishwasher, Talk with mother in law, and Eat lunch outside.

11:43-2:12   Watched American Beauty and folded laundry and MASSIVE pile of socks.


Well I think that’s good for now.  Enjoy your day!

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