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Sorting and Finding

on July 2, 2013

Trying to spend some time sorting and organizing the clutter in our house while I have some free time. It’s finding the time to deal with the clutter without taking away the time of maintaining the house.  Then trying to find a system to remember where I put everything.

So far I’ve sorted the plastic containers with the help of my Mom. The lids are matched and my go to ones are in a plastic drawer organizer sorted by size. I threw out the ones without lids and the ones where the lids didn’t stay on.

Today I started a “Where is it” document in Access. I want to make a list of the items that we don’t use frequently and make a list of where it is stored. I’m thinking it will also be helpful to keep track of the extra food that is in the pantry. That way I don’t keep buying beans and forget to buy tomatoes. There is some initial set up time required. Then I have to remember to update it.

Next on my list is to sort my school stuff. What can the girls play with? What can I use next year? What will I not need for a while?

Off to work on that, laundry, and house. Then off to lunch at 1.

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