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Enjoying cleaning?

on May 26, 2013

I actually enjoyed cleaning.  My daughter had fallen asleep on the couch while listening to Wicked on the main level.  I decided,\ instead of staying downstairs and tip toeing around her I would go upstairs and get stuff done there.

I brought up my laptop turned on TED talks and started scrubbing the bathroom.  I loved it.  It felt good to get the grim off and to get that task finally done.   I’ve done quick bathroom cleans—-toilet, mirror, and sinks.   However, it’s been a while since I’ve done the floors, shower, tub, and cleaned the make-up and toothbrush holders.

Granted it probably would have gone faster if I had just cleaned versus also listening and selecting the next talk.  My goal was to get stuff done and relax so speed wasn’t as important.  The cool part was that since I spent so much time cleaning upstairs, I did a burst of cleaning downstairs before my husband got home.

Unfortunately, this energy and joy didn’t stay the whole week, but at least I know it’s possible.  Hopefully I can harness that today for the main level.


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