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Graph Paper Progress

on April 17, 2013

I am trying a low budget low maintenance tracking of goals at work.  I took a sheet of graph paper (or in my case an intelligibility form) and divided it into two parts.  The plan is to take a highlighter and highlight boxes when I take steps towards my goal.

The top part of the paper is being used to track my fling.  Writing papers—can take time, but not that hard.  Printing papers—easy.  Putting the papers into the hanging filing cabinets in another room is my nemesis.  So every time I put a group of papers (one report etc) into the file room.  I color in one box.

The bottom part of the paper is being used to track my efforts towards using positive reinforcement strategies with students.  I have recently had several trainings regarding positive language related to dealing with behaviors and building rapport.  This part isn’t as cut as dry because there can be a grey area of what I could count.  I’m counting conscious decisions to build rapport with difficult students or situations where I used some of the  behavior strategies.

There will be no fancy graph, dates, or data points,  but there is an odd sense of satisfaction that comes with coloring in the boxes and seeing that visual of progress.

I’ll let you know how it’s working.  Maybe I’ll start one for flossing.  What simple ways have you used to monitor progress.

2 responses to “Graph Paper Progress

  1. I love that you’re experimenting with creating your own systems – they’re always the most impactful. And love that you’re celebrating and “reinforcing” the difficult yet forwarding actions you’re taking by tracking them. Kudos!

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