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Recording vs Experiencing

on April 12, 2013

Ideal world would involve “planning—doing—-recording—-repeat”.   Too often it seems like one of the areas is taking up too much time.

At work, it often feels like I spend more time recording what I am doing than planning or doing because of all the documentation and paperwork.   Recording is what allowed me to start running.  I liked being able to chart what I did and see how the time and distance compared to previous days.

Other times recording seems to interfere with the process.  It seems like one more than to do rather than actually doing it.  If you don’t plan, some thing don’t get done.  I’ve also spent more time planning and recording rather than actually making progress on the desired goal (helping kids, cleaning etc).

Currently I’m doing heavy paperwork and recording at work.   Those have a specific due date and are required by my job.  I’d love to spend more of my time planning quality lessons and working with the students rather than crossing due process items off my list.  At times, it feels like I am gathering data, but not using the information as productively as I could.

At home I’m the reverse,  I’m doing some chores and fitness, but I think I’d be able to see progress and be more motivated if I actually recorded what  I did or didn’t do.  I also want to spend more energy towards recording the moments with my kids so that I can recall those tiny details that are easy to forget to share with them when they are older.  I also waste time by not planning.   Not getting to the bank while it’s open or leaving the grocery store and not being able to figure out what’s for dinner that evening.

Off to actually get stuff done.  The internet can eat my time!


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