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Cleaning versus Clutter

on March 30, 2013

I’ve started the focus of this year more on the basics.  Get the main level and bathrooms looking alright on a consistent basis.  I saved dealing with clutter for those magical bursts of time that I would have free sometime in the future.  Needless to say those bursts of time have not happened as often as I had hoped they might.   When they have come, I’ve felt a sense of accomplishment that I don’t feel with basic maintenance.  

Here are my reasons to dealing with clutter.  I’m sure there are several similar lists, but I’m hoping if I write it that it will be more meaningful to me to look back on when I need a kick start.

  • Less to move around and put away when cleaning
  • Smooth clean surfaces
  • No more debating or not whether to keep it
  • Easier to find what you want
  • House looks better
  • Find things I’ve forgotten about.
  • Quicker to clean up before company

Well I’m off to sort through some of the kids books and toys before they wake up.


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