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Quote of the Week

on March 24, 2013

“My outer world reflects my inner world. “

This was the quote from the 21 day meditation challenge that I signed up for through the Chopra Center.   I liked it because I hope I can use it as motivation to clean today.   I do notice how that a messy house does affect my mood.  I feel a sense of overwhelmed and of one more thing on my to do list.  It reminds me of things left that aren’t dealt with and makes me annoyed with my self and family that we let it get to that point.

Most other times I am annoyed by this type of quote.  There are plenty of people out there who have an inner world that is just as chaotic as mine, but who have a clean house. There inner chaos might come out through eating or anger etc.   It seems like an unfair attack on one specific area of weakness.

Today it was motivating to me.  How can I make my home more welcoming to happiness and calm?  How can my environment support/hinder my goals?


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