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Me time and We time

on March 16, 2013

My husband’s schedule changed and I see more of him which overall I LOVE.   It’s so nice to have someone else to talk to and share the daily parenting responsibility.   Some things are just more fun with other people.

The other side is that part of me is missing the me time or some of the routines that I got used to.  Little things like meditating more or watching my shows.  I’d clean during commercial breaks, but when he’s around we fast forward through the commercials.  Still sorting out that balance of when to get stuff done and how to spend free time. 

Finding that balance between couple, family, work, and self.  I’m giving up on finding “THE PLAN”.    I make it and don’t follow or life changes. 

Off to give some TLC to the house that has been ignored since family changes and work have hijacked my life right now. 



5 responses to “Me time and We time

  1. I frequently have this dilemma. Hubby goes away, I get used to doing things on my own. I love him being home, but sometimes it adds work. A never ending balancing act for me.

  2. museconfuse says:

    Why are there not more hours in a day? 🙂 I always feel like there is so much I want to do.

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