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Peek at My Snowy Sunday

on February 10, 2013


I decided to keep track of how I spent my day today. The weather is predicted to be a “wintery mix” all day so I’m camping out at home with my girls. Hopefully it will motivate me to get a few more things done or at least see where my time went.

5:30-7 am Brain woke me up and wouldn’t let me go back to bed. Came downstairs watched MY shows and folded laundry.

7-8 Visited with husband while he got ready to head to work on a project.

8-11 Desperately searched for some scrap of coffee. I found 2 scoops of decaf and 2 scoops of REALLY old ground coffee. Drank coffee while relaxing with kids and serving cereal. Followed by kids helping to make double batch of banana bread.

11-12 Drafted this post 🙂 Eat chili  and banana bread. Put away load of laundry and put in a new load.

12-1 Not actually sure what I did. Debating if I should take a nap.  Wandering.  Unload and load dishwasher

1-2:20 Put away clothes and bibs that are too small for my youngest daughter, tidied the upstairs, vacuumed the upstairs.

2:20-3:30  Folding clothes and watching tv.

Hope you had a great Sunday!


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