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Back to basics

on January 14, 2013

I had a wonderful weekend.  I was relaxed and I made a dent on the list of tasks I set out to complete.  I could have gotten more done, but I’m okay with not getting around to vaccuming the basement.  I enjoyed the time with my husband.  I had some time to myself and I enjoyed being lazy.

What I wish I would have fit in was the maintainance tasks.   Folding the clothes and putting it away.  Keeping the dishwasher and washing machine working.  The kitchen is a disaster and is way less fun to try to deal with it now than in little bursts throughout the weekend.  10 minutes of loading and unloading is worth not having the dishes cluttering the counters.  I could have even visited with my husband while I did it.  Ah well. Next weekend.

Well I’m off to sleep.  I stayed up later than I intended, but at least the laundry is folded.


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