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Chore Master

on November 20, 2012

This is a free app that I found that tracks the chores you do.  They have a list of chores that they entered and the approximate time it takes to complete each one.  You can also add your own chores to it.  It has a timer so that you can see how long it actually takes you.  Based on how many chores you complete you get a level.  Similar to experience points for role-playing or video games.  I am currently at Level 3 “Dabbler”.    The app describes this level as “This isn’t so painful!  You dip in and out of chores, it’s more of a part-time thing for you.  But it’s not so bad.”

What I like:

  • It is a free app that is ACTUALLY free and usable (not just an ad for the full version).
  • List of total number of minutes cleaning, total this week, and total number of minutes for each chore.
  • It says how many minutes are required to Level Up (I have 67 minutes left).
  • Relatively quick to enter in chores.

In general, my tablet probably hasn’t helped me be more productive, but I thought this had potential.  I felt successful entering in the +2 hours of cleaning I did today.   I haven’t used the program to know how many levels there are or if the level changes if you don’t use the program or don’t clean as much from one week to the next.

We shall see!

2 responses to “Chore Master

  1. littlewing says:

    Haha! This sounds great! Might actually make me do something!

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