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Evening and Week Goals

on November 12, 2012

I read a blog entry about someone’s successful Sunday Chore list. There is satisfaction in setting goals and meeting them especially when there are people who will cheer you on when you make it or commiserate if you don’t. I took an organization workshop and one of the comments she made was that many people find things that work and stop doing them for whatever reason. I think sometimes it’s easy to try to search for a new way to get healthy or to get organized when it’s probably more effective to just work on doing what I already know consistently.

Evening goals

  • Drink tea
  • Pay garbage bill
  • Print business cards
  • Unload/load dishes
  • Order pictures
  • Complete push up app
  • Fold Laundry

Goals for the week

  • Hang photos (my youngest daughter hasn’t made it to the family wall yet)
  • Clean off dresser
  • Go to the gym 1 2 3
  • Watch stuttering video for work
  • Adjust weekly to do list
  • Bake something
  • Buy presents
  • Organize in my room for 15 minutes   1 2 3
  • Plan for work 1 2

I tried to make my list long enough to give me options, but still achievable to make a dent on them.  Well I’m off to complete item number one on my list—-drink tea.   Green Tea with honey.


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