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Energy Pie

on November 6, 2012

I’ve been thinking about the Energy Pie that I learned about in grad school. The pie is divided into emotional, physical, cognitive, and reserve sections. The theory is when any one aspect of your life is taking more attention you dip into your reserve section. When you run low on reserves, you start to become tired, irritable, less focused etc.

For me, the cognitive side has been overworked. I’ve been busy at work and so a lot of my energy has gone towards thinking and planning. At home, I’ve felt exhausted and the time evaporates away from me.   I’ve been falling behind in cleaning and the house shows it.  The good news is that the mess is bugging me.   I used to accept the mess and want to get better at cleaning, but not want to put in the effort.  I’m starting to appreciate the value of clean and organized home, even though I’m not quite there yet.

I’m trying to figure out how to get back into a rhythm at home without pushing it too far. I’ve been trying to figure out what activities will help me energize and rejuvenate. Then figure out how to fill in these activities more into my life without adding pressure and become something “I should do”. I know exercise helps me.   I know I like the result of cleaning and organizing.  I want to also start pursuing more “active relaxing”.

While all of those ideas are great, sleep is becoming higher and higher on my list of priorities.  The amount of spelling mistakes that were caught were way higher than it should be.  I’m off to bed to read and sleep.

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