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Night time Cramming

on November 1, 2012

I’ve been catching myself trying to fit in everything I wanted to get done in the last half hour before going to bed. The kids are in bed. I have the work things that are done for the next day. I’ve relaxed. Then I decide its time to go to bed, but I wanted to get the dishwasher unloaded, clean the main level, exercise, and put away clothes. So I stay up an hour past when I wanted to go to bed cramming that stuff in. Loosing sleep in the process. Ideally, I would have done all those things earlier in the evening instead of watching tv or spending time on the internet. It’s finding that balance of is it more important to get it done or to sleep. There is always “just one more thing” to do. 5 minutes becomes 45 minutes really fast.

I’m trying to put sleep higher on my priority list, but I also want exercise, REALLy playing with my kids, and cleaning also higher on my priority list. If everything is a priority, nothing becomes a priority. So for now I’m trying to inch back my bed time. Try for half hour earlier and go from there. I want the days to be shorter because I get tired, but I want the days to be longer so I can get more done.


2 responses to “Night time Cramming

  1. ctminnesota says:

    How’s your plan working? I so relate to this!

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