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Workout How I’ve Missed You

on October 12, 2012

I have been getting used to a new schedule and work and kids. All managable just new. Tonight I was able to get to the gym and workout. It felt wonderful. Blood pumping, social, distraction, energized. Mix that in with a dash of Friday and I’m good to go.

Working out had been one of the things that had gone to the wayside. It takes work to load the kids in the car or walk away from the soft soft couch. I’ve added some back in thanks to my interval timer. Sneak in 30 seconds of squats or push ups here or there—which is better than nothing, but not the same. There is a reset button that is pressed when I can work out for 30+ minutes and push myself.

I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I did it again. I also miss where my body was at. I’m okay with my weight now, but I know I could do more this winter/spring when I was the most consistent about working out. I knew I could work out longer and harder before and felt that urge to get back there. I had moments of self pity, but I knew that I hadn’t put the time in so it’s to be expected. I am starting to have a competativeness and drive towards exercise that I haven’t had much of my life.

How does this relate to organizing? Well I need to find a way to fit it into my schedule. It’s funny how the activities that are the most important to combat stress (sleep, exercise, social interactions) are often the first to go when my mood is low or I have low energy. I’m not sure how yet, but I need to make it a priority again. Probably a high bred of at home and gym workouts.

Suggestions are welcome!


3 responses to “Workout How I’ve Missed You

  1. ctminnesota says:

    Well, you know I can totally relate to this! I would never work out if I could not do it at home, so the investment in basic equipment and DVDs has been well worth it to me. As far as the slippage, I really believe that we need to look at our exercise routine as a non-negotiable item. You wouldn’t skip brushing your teeth or putting on deodorant because of a lack of time, right? This has to be the same philosophy. I’m still trying to do that, though…even 2.5 years later. So, easier said than done!

    So happy to hear you have some fire behind all of this right now! Congratulations on finding your workout mojo 🙂

    • I have been the opposite where I would only work out at the gym. I had equipment, but would always plan to do it “later” at home. Where I’d plan going to the gym in my schedule. So I’ll have to adapt to at home workouts.

  2. twintipaday says:

    I’m always more motivated when training for an event – whether a charity walk, a triathlon, even half-marathon etc. Feels more like I *have* to fit my designated workout into my schedule.

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