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Welcome October!

on October 2, 2012

September is done.  I survived.  My schedule for school is more or less done.  I’m more used to the new schedules for the family.   Life feels a lot more managable than at the beginning of the month.  Did I meet all of my goals—-no, but I think I did some of those tasks more than if I didn’t set the goals.  I probably made the least amount of progress with hydration.

October is here.  The goals for October are similar to the ones for September.

  • I want to continue to work on hydrating.  I know the benefits, but it’s just finding a way to make it a natural part of my day.
  • I want to go to the gym 12 times (I think I made it 8 times in September)
  • Clean kitchen/family room surfaces  (peninsula, kitchen table, and coffee table) before going to bed
  • Tackle the clutter in my bedroom.

The newest goal is tackling clutter in my bedroom.  We have various boxes of “deal with it later” items and papers.  They look cluttered.  They get in the way.   They are starting to bug me.  Either the items are important and should be stored properly or they are unimportant and should not be in my room.  The same boxes have been in there for longer than I care to admit, but for some reason they started to bug me more lately.

I realize most of these goals are not measurable, but I don’t care.   Step in right direction is all I’m concerned about.  I likely wouldn’t take the time to keep the data anyways.

Enjoy the Fall!


2 responses to “Welcome October!

  1. ctminnesota says:

    Those goals are totally measureable & admirable. I wish you luck on accomplishing them all! You can do it…

    By the way, we still hae boxes from when we moved that say “go through immediately” – – that was 6 years ago & they’ve never been opened.


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