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Trading Cards

on September 25, 2012

Time management sometimes seems like a grade school recess activity. I remember negotiating for trading stickers in about 2nd or 3rd grade. I’ll trade you two animal stickers for the sparkly smelly one.

“I’ll trade you two relaxations for one work”
“I’ll trade you one family time for 2 chores”
“I’ll trade you one relaxation for one sleep”

It comes with the same joy and regret that trading stickers had. Sometimes I’d treasure my new additions to my collection and sometimes I’d miss my original stickers.

“Why did I give up spending time with my family to get chores done?”
“Why aren’t I in bed yet?”

Now off to sleep. I think I might regret staying up this late in the morning. No fear though, I have the coffee ready in the coffee maker and the clothes, breakfast, and lunches laid out for the kids and me. I think I’ll make it. Enjoy your mid-week!

2 responses to “Trading Cards

  1. ctminnesota says:

    Well said. It is all about choices and indeed, trade-offs. You did all the work, so hopefully you didn’t have too much trouble getting up this morning! I, on the other hand, chose to ignore a few of those “to dos” for more sleep…it worked out OK, but I wouldn’t recommend it on a regular basis! LOL

    • Sleep is necessary as well. I was able to get up and ready just fine. If I add too many of those up though, I pay for it later. Tonight, movie night so that I the kids can relax and I can get stuff done without staying up so late.

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