In Pursuit of an Organized Life

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Lowering Standards

on September 6, 2012

This week is all about survival. All of us changed our schedules and responsibilities. New class, school year, and job. My husband is working second shift so we are two ships passing each other at supper and at night. We are all adjusting to getting less sleep than we are used to and going to bed and waking up at different times.

Luckily this time, I lowered my expectations. Often I’d plan to accomplish a huge list and be bummed when it didn’t happen. This time I set my sights low and aimed at making it through in one piece. I planned basic meals—the most complex being recipe free crock pot chili. I had plenty of left overs from the weekend for lunches. I didn’t make it to the gym this week, but that too shall come.

So tired. Sadly, I’m contemplating going to bed now (8:30). At least I know I will have earned my weekend.

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