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What I like NOW

I’ve been thinking about some of my current hobbies and interests.  It’s so easy to fall back onto what I used to like.  For a long time, if someone asked me what I liked to do, I’d respond with what I liked to do in high school:  singing, theater, and games.   Some of the things I’d still love to do, but don’t take the time or money to do it.  I’d love to go see more plays, but being in them or working on them do not fit my current lifestyle.

I’ve been trying to figure out what my current interests are and how to incorporate those activities into my life more.  I enjoy working out and reading.  I’d love to travel more, but for now I will settle for reading about traveling.  I still enjoy games, but need to find more people and opportunties to play them.

How does this relate to organizing?

Some of my stuff is related to what I used to like rather than what I like now.  Clothes that don’t fit.   Books, movies, and games  I have fond memories of, but may never use again.  Old papers that are outdate or I  have no idea what is in there.  I want to focus my energy on cleaning out some of these old things that get in my way.   Books on the shelf are not interrupting my life.  They sit on my shelf ready for me to look at and smile.  On the other hand, old clothes keep me from finding and taking care of clothes that do fit well or buying clothes that fit me now.

I’ve also cleaned out my Amazon wishlist.  I tried to delete items that I added years ago that have less interest to me now.  I tried to keep on there only the items that I would be really excited to recieve as gifts.  I may take off a movie or book I’d like to see, but can borrow from someone or rent.  Controlling what comes in so I don’t have to organize it and sort through it later.

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