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Sitting Chores

on August 18, 2012

As I was procrastinating from getting chores done, I thought of an idea for this post. Here is a list of productive tasks that can be done while sitting. I’m hoping I can look back at this list when I am tired and really don’t want to work and will do one of these instead of just lying on the couch and wishing I had gotten stuff done.  This idea was partially inspired by my sister who is currently pregnant 🙂

Sitting Chores

  • Fold Laundry
  • Sort paper
  • Sort random boxes of junk
  • Match lonely socks
  • Plan meals
  • Make grocery list
  • Make errand list
  • Plan week
  • Make phone sheet (I’d be lost if my cell phone died)
  • Make phone calls (appointments, insurance, etc)
  • Pay Bills
  • Write/update will
  • Research purchase/cut coupons
  • School paperwork/make materials

Productive Relaxation

These tasks may not be chores, but I often feel better after doing these than watching TV or randomly looking at Facebook.  These tasks can also be done while sitting.

  • Make photo book
  • Shop/brainstorm for Christmas/birthday presents
  • Phone a friend
  • Journal
  • Watch a movie (it feels like more  of an accomplishment than movie)
  • Play game
  • Blog 🙂
  • Read a book

Enjoy your weekend!  Off to do a few of these things than a cleaning burst of the kitchen.


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