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The Hurry-Up Clean

I am doing better at getting the house clean when someone is coming to the house. It used to overwhelm me or consist mainly of hiding things rather than cleaning. Now those things that I hid in the past now need to be sorted through 😛

What’s been working for me:

  • Not focusing on tasks that don’t matter.  Cleaning out the fridge needs to be done desperately, but not an hour before company comes
  • Getting surfaces clean.  It’s amazing how much better coffee tables, kitchen tables, and counters look when there is nothing on the top
  • Find music or the Olympics to put on in the background—be careful its not actually something you want to watch cause then their might be more watching than cleaning
  • finishing one task at a time—-having the coffee table partially clean is no where near as gratifying as having it DONE
  • Get the dishwasher running early in the cleaning burst so you can see if you need to hand wash or if you can get another load in before they come
  • When I get fatigued with cleaning, I’ll do interval cleaning—-during this song I will do put away shoes—-during the next song I will unload the dishwasher
  • Constantly look at what is the dirtiest.  I will often spot clean the dirtiest spots in the house and come back if I have time to do a better job.
  • I try to figure out where we will spend the most time and focus on that spot of the house
  • Leave for last understandable messes—-piles of paper in a corner or a pile of laundry for laundry day—-I get the ones that are in the way or grossest done first
  • Relax—Most people know by now that cleaning is not one of my best skills–If they don’t, they soon will 🙂
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