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Tasks I avoid

I find there are certain tasks that I avoid. Filing is one of them. However, I did sort and file all of the papers in the “to be filed folder”. It went pretty quick. I found out some things that I thought my husband wanted to keep that I don’t need to. We need to seriously sort through the filing cabinet, but at least its contained.

I’ve been avoiding handwashing dishes. They are still in the sink. And will probably stay there. Part of me says just go get it done. The other part of me says I’ve had a long day I’m better off getting sleep. I probably would have been better off getting it done and not blogging, but what is the fun in that 🙂 There is always an excuse.

Lately, I’ve been better at not avoiding emptying the dishwasher. I’ve been inconsistent with avoiding putting away clothes after they are folded. I’ll go through bursts where I put them away right away.

The key is not letting the amount of time I dread doing the task be longer than the time it would take to get done. Either be okay with not doing it or get it done.

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