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on May 12, 2012

I’ve been thinking about photos.  We just had a family photo and the girls’ pictures taken.  In case you were wondering, they turned out super cute.  We don’t take the formal portraits often and we are inconsistent about taking pictures with our camera.  How many pictures do you take? What do you do with the ones that you take?

I often forget to take pictures or choose not to take them.  Sometimes it feels odd to make everyone stand in a line and take pictures or snap shots while people are doing things.  My dad had a nice way of getting everything documented and taking those special moments.  His theory was film is cheap.  Now with digital its even cheaper.  You take 50 pictures and  to get the 1 or 2 really good ones.  My sister grew up and caught the photography bug and I learned to rely on his photography skills and let him and my sister document it.  I enjoyed just being a part of the action rather than documenting it.  I am not great at multi-tasking or figuring out stuff like lighting.  Luckily my husband enjoys photography.

Then the organizational part is what do you do with either the professional prints or how to organize the digital photos into something meaningful.  We still have a pile of photos we didn’t get handed out from the last set of photos.  Some that I intended to mail but didn’t get around to or ones that I didn’t get framed.  I’ve joked that I’ll hand out some of their extra baby pictures when they get their senior pictures done.  Then what to do with the digital prints.  I enjoy making and having the photo books.  They take up so much less space than traditional albums and  I’m not crafty or patient enough for scrap booking. I love that you can change the layout and fit several or a single image on the pages.  I really enjoy having the photos as a screen saver on my computer.  It’s such a fun way to remember and chat about past events.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


2 responses to “Photos

  1. I’m absolutely hopeless with photos. I don’t take them and I don’t organize the ones I have. I would love to rotate the special ones in a way that we can enjoy them. I brought out my son’s baby pictures on his last birthday and enjoyed them so much I plan to make it a tradition. I don’t have the time or the skills for making albums, digital or otherwise which is why I’m thinking of investing in some of the photo ropes they sell at photojojo. Thanks for the screensaver tip. I might be able to wrap my head around that one!

  2. karen says:

    You’re way ahead of me! i throw them in ziploc bags with the year labeled on the outside and throw the ziploc in a box at the end of the year. i do get a bead of perspiration down my back when pictures are needed at school…….

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