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Weekend in Review

on April 1, 2012

I had a nice weekend overall.   I completed most of my prioritized goals and a few secondary goals.  I also went for a walk around the pond, had a sun nap, and made a grocery list.  Did I conquer the world or motivate millions? No, but I did what I set to do and had a nice balance of activities.  I think a lot of setting goals and making progress is being realistic.   Could I have accomplished more and set higher goals? Yes.  But success breeds success.  I’m learning that at least for me…It’s better to meet or exceed a few goals than reach high and miss larger goals. 

I started the second round of my new system.  I took out all of the cards and sorted the ones I completed this weekend into the DONE pile and put all of the other tasks in the To Do.  I thought of one card I wanted to add.  Drink Tea.   It is calorie free, has many different flavors, and has less caffeine than coffee.  There is a relaxing process that comes with making and drinking it that I don’t find with coffee.  It also gives me a little task that  I complete when my motivation and mood is low.  If I can cross one thing off my list, it motivates me to do more. 


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