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Should vs Have To

on March 25, 2012

I’ve been thinking about what I should do vs what I have to do recently.  The “Have To” tasks are the ones that have a clear deadline or consequences if they aren’t completed.  Garbage comes on Friday morning—if I procrastinate on garbage and put it out Friday afternoon—-no garbage pick up for me.  If I decide not to go to work or not to do a specific work task, it affects how others think of me and my job security.  I usually have found a way to get all of the essential tasks done.  The “Should” tasks are ones that can always be done later or are more of a preference.

Lately,  I’ve been spending more time on the “Should” tasks.  For the longest time, I did all of the required tasks and then if there was time I’d get to the other stuff or spend time procrastinating and not getting any tasks done. Getting to the filing that I am months behind on and spending more time on the self care stuff.   It helps me get rid of some of those nagging feelings of “I wish this was different” or “I really should do that”.   Sometimes it makes the other tasks seem easier or gives me the motivation to complete the other tasks.     It’s taking some of the power away from the “Have To”.  I may need to get it done, but I can spend less time on it.  We have to eat, but it can be a 3 course meal, quick fix, or take out.


As always, it’s a work in progress.   Enjoy your day!

One response to “Should vs Have To

  1. I can relate to that! i try to get into the habit of saying that I will, or that I want to, that way I’m taking possession of the task. My ‘shoulds’ rarely get done while they’re still shoulds (I still have more than a few 😛 ). Good post 🙂

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