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New System

      I know its been a while.   I wish I could say I spent the time I would have spent blogging on actual cleaning and organization, but that wasn’t the case. I could blame it on work or the kids.  Honestly, I just slacked off.  Time to make an effort and actually get stuff done in the evenings.  It’s said when we tell my daughter that Grandma and Grandpa are coming and her first response is “We have to clean the house”. 

     I’m starting a new system out.   My biggest frustration is trying to get the weekly chores done.  I can handle the dishes and clothes, because at some point necessity sets in and I need to wear clothes and eat off clean dishes.  The cleaning of the bathrooms and floors and general clutter management is what is harder for me to motivate myself to do and feels less satisfying. 

    My new system is to have index cards with different chores/activities written on each card.  When I finnish a task, I can move it from the “To Do”  to the “Done” section.  I have different colors for different types of tasks:  family/friends, fitness, chores, and self.  When the week is done or I finish all of the activities, I can move it back to the “To Do” section.  

       It was fun thinking up the system and thinking of the priorities for each area.  Hopefully it is helpful and I can stick with it.  I have the bad habit of spending more time designing the system rather than actually using it.  I am optimistic about this one though.   The nice thing is it was cheap  to make and easy to adjust as needed as my priorities or habits change. 

Wish me luck! 

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