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Fresh Start–Living room

on February 5, 2012

Today we took out everything out of our family room (well minus the desk and filing cabinet).  Then the carpet was vaccummed and scrubbed.  The plan  is to add back in only what we want. We moved stuff around so it feels new. So far we have furniture, kids book shelf, play kitchen, electric keyboard, and diaper basics.  That room of the house looks pretty good for us (just don’t turn around). 

Now for the piles of clutter that have invaded the kitchen, mud room, and sitting room.  Toys that have lived at the bottom of the bins, random electronics, paper, and those little pieces that are part of that one thing.  So many things to decide if we REALLY need then decide where to put it. I wish I could say the only piles like that were from this cleaning project, but unfortunately there are plenty of those throughout the house.  The good thing about these piles though is that they are in the way.  If I want to eat somewhere other than the foyer on tiny kids chairs, the kitchen table has to be cleared. 

It feels like I just did this with the mud room and guest room and those are coming due again.  I suppose if I actually get rid of stuff I won’t have to do it so much 🙂 The mess wasn’t made in a day so it won’t be organized in a day. 

Now, I need to have people over so that at least the main living areas are somewhat presentable at the same time.   


2 responses to “Fresh Start–Living room

  1. tstarmom says:

    Have you visited the “I Heart Organizing” blog? I love to organize and thought I had skill until I saw this blog this weekend! This site has sent me on a crazy organizing binge. I like her ideas because it is affordable and doable. She has great ideas for organizing kids’ stuff as well.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I will have to check that out.

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