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Work Organization

on January 28, 2012

I am back on track to making an effort on cleaning and organizing. I organized a shelf of books at work. I loved the idea of taking everything off and adding in what I want versus getting rid of what I don’t want. Mentally it is so much easier. Now granted, I haven’t done anything with the maybe or “I might use” books, but they are at least in a pile. I’m hoping that eventually deciding what ones to get rid of will get easier. I love the fact that the books I love are within in reach and easier to find.

I’ve also improved my planner skills. I’ve been doing well at planning out my student days a few days at a time. Last week I had the whole week planned out and I loved going home and not having to think of work stuff especially with my daughter sick. I’m improving at making my to-do list meaningful. I start by looking at my previous weeks to do list and carrying over anything that wasn’t done. I’ve started to sort them into type of jobs—IEP, evaluations, phone calls, and other. I have been trying to pick 2-3 tasks per day that I would like to accomplish. It helps me to stay focused and prioritize and not feel overwhelmed (as much) because of my long to do list.

My next goal is to get my filing in order and writing it into my schedule. I’m good at (and honestly kind of enjoy) writing the IEP and evaluation reports. What I’m not as good at is getting it all printed out and in the master files and keeping those files organized with only the required documents in them.

We had a staff development day at work this week. It was nice to see the whole staff and not be seperated into who we see on a regular basis due to need. It was nice to small talk and have some of those larger discussions that are difficult to fit into an hour long staff meeting. I also got to connect with other SLPs. Its so nice to interact with other people that have the same training, priorities, and job descriptions. On the flip side, the training day got my head spinning. What should I be doing? What am I doing wrong? I had big dreams to do X at the beginning of the year, but haven’t yet. What do people think of me?

But its the weekend so I’m going to take a break from work stuff for now. I made a dent this morning and now need to focus on family and house.


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