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Home Organization

on January 28, 2012

    Organization at home has not been as successful as at work.  My daughter was sick so my priorities were on her, connecting with my husband, and relaxing.  Long term I’d like the cleaning to be part of my routine so that I continue doing it even when things are busy or stressful.   Also there is a “have-to” element at work and a “it would be nice” or “I should” at home.

    Despite the set backs, I am making some progress.  I am close to making a mini goal I set for myself.  I am embarassed to say it was clean the bathrooms 3 weeks in a row.  It feels like something I should be already doing.  Maybe I am doing it more than I remember doing it, but it always seems dirty.  I did a quick clutter burst that felt really good.  No real noticable difference, but it was fun having music on and putting things back in their places. 

   Well my youngest sounds like she is getting up.  I’m off to try to empty or load the dishwasher quick before I get her.  She likes to “help me” put dishes away.

Happy cleaning!


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