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Forced Motivation

on January 14, 2012

I found out my room at school is being made into a computer lab.  Nothing like an imminent move to make me think about what I actually need and want to store.  Moving has forced me to get rid of stuff simply because I didn’t want to pack and unpack it in the new space.   I have also learned that those boxes of “sort later” are often not touched for years.

Yesterday,  I sorted binders that were left by the previous speech therapist.  They have tons of ideas and could be useful with a number of students, but since August there are many of them that I haven’t open.  So I did a quick sort and put the ones I actually used or really really like and want to use on one shelf.  Then I put all of the ones related to specific speech sounds (s, r, th, etc) or phonemic awareness in an empty drawer.  The others go on the bottom shelf.

So now I’m left with a shelf of binders to sort through and figure out realistically what I want to do with it.  I have a hard time getting rid of items in all areas of my life–paper that should be filed or recycled, books, random broken things that “might get fixed”, and things I haven’t used in years–but like the idea of using.  Now with my work this hoarding is magnified because of the fact that budgets are small and working with a wide range of needs and ages (4-12).

Intellectually, I’d rather have an organized room that is neat and have a smaller number of well used items that I am familiar with rather than a pile of stuff that contains both treasures and trash.

However. . . . .

  • what do I do with the stuff
  • when will I find the time
  • what if I get rid of the wrong thing and need to buy it later
  • how will I find the stuff a good home
  • how do I avoid just passing the clutter on to someone else
  • how do I avoid transferring the clutter from work to home

On a side note,  I have no idea where I will be going next year. Like any school, there is no room that is empty and waiting for a loving occupant.  Typically SLPs are not known to have large offices.  There are frequently jokes about getting a window  and how large of table the room will fit.  In the world of SLPs, my current room is nice. Will I share an office?  How large will the space be?   So downsizing my materials is probably a good plan.  The nice thing about moving is that there is a forced time to have the organization done.  Nothing like some external motivation to kick me in the butt.   And luckily I have plenty of warning to do it correctly or at least have no one to blame if I don’t.

Happy Organizing!


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