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Productivity and Creative Distractions

I brain stormed a list of things I wanted to accomplish over my time off. I did brain dump and wrote down as many ideas I can think of. I think sometimes having a small list is motivating because it’s not as an intimidating and seems more achievable. For longer periods of time, I think a larger list helps me be more productive because I can choose tasks that fit my mood and time allotted for the day. I hope to get some of the projects done on my list or at least inspired by my list. Last break, I didn’t get many projects done that I planned, but we tackled organizing our laundry/craft room.

I acknowledge that part of break is recharging and relaxing. I believe it is an important part, but shouldn’t be the only part. I’m hoping to be able to relax without wasting away an entire day/week. I love how one book I am reading talks about “Creative Distractions”. It describes how the most effective stress reducers are activities that involve either your body or passion/enthusiasm. So exercising, reading, socializing, or watching a movie I love–versus flipping channels on the TV. I’m hoping to try a variety and see which ones help me the most so that I can apply them when I have limited time.

I also want to try more active recovery–like during workouts. Instead of stopping and not working out or pushing yourself to exhaustion, you alternate easier and harder tasks. It can also be used to switch between exercise types–cardio versus strength or arms vs legs.  I’m hoping to apply this to my time off as well.  Alternating types of tasks or amount of focus required with a different type of task rather than not doing anything productive for the rest of the day.

Wish me luck!

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