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The Perfect Goal

on December 17, 2011

     Working in education, I know the guidelines of writing a good goal.   It should be  SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time sensitive).  For example  By March, I will be able to do X number of push-ups in 1 minute.  However, knowing the format and being able to write good goals are two different skills.

      The most difficult part is trying to figure out an attainable goal is.  Setting too easy of a goal can lead to slower progress than I am capable of or putting it off till the last minute because it isn’t that hard.  It can also be anti-climatic to meet the goals.  Setting a goal that is too hard can result in frustration or giving up.   When I set and achieve that “sweet spot” goal,  I feel a sense of accomplishment and pride and feel motivated to continue to work on that area. 

     The other challenging part for me is trying to figure out how far out the goals should be.  Too short of a time period and life gets in the way and there is limited time to see progress.  Too long and its easy to loose focus.  I suppose that is why people set long term and short term goals.  How much time am I realistically going to put into this area of my life?  How hard am I willing to work?

    The goals also relate to go with the flow or planning.  I tend to be on the fence about this one.  If I plan, it helps me feel more at ease and gives me focus.  However, I sometimes have difficulty adapting to a change of plan and can be stressful or depressing.  Going with the flow can be relaxing and allows for spontenaity, but time can be easily wasted and can lead to regret.   

    I’d love to hear your thoughts and success or struggles with goal setting.  Have a great day!

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