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2011 Goals in Review

on December 17, 2011

The end of the year is coming so its time to reflect on how I did on my goals that I set for 2011. Some were more formal goals and others were more vague.  Anyways here is how I did.

  • 5K —-completed  Corn Maze 5K (well technically shorter than a 5K, but zig zaggy so it balances out)
  • 9min mile—–not met—-shaving off a minute off of a mile time is a lot more work than I anticipated
  • Flossing—-Moments of enthusiasm then periods of drought (currently in a drought, but gaining enthusiasm  (but I will have been to the dentist twice this year)
  • Organizing/cleaning—small steps—honestly I probably thought about it more than actually doing it.   It’s a start though

Now to brainstorm for next year.


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