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Organizing Decorations??

on December 10, 2011

Anyone have any tips for organizing and tracking decorations?  I need to find a place to put them so that they are accessible so I use them.  That place also needs to be out of the way so its not taking up valuable storage place for items I do use on a daily/weekly/basis.

I also want to find a way to track which decoractions I actually use so I don’t save some and never use it for 10 years.  Some decorations that I won’t use now, but will use once the kids understand the word FRAGILE (whenever I see that word it makes me smile because I remember A Christmas Story) .  My theory is once they know what the word means they should be able to be careful with it. 

I also want to find time to watch some Christmas movies.  I’ve seen parts of Frosty, Rudolph, classic Grinch, and A Charlie Brown Christmas.  The next movies on my list is Elf and Alastair Sim‘s The Christmas Carol (which I don’t have).  Have a great day! 

4 responses to “Organizing Decorations??

  1. Will Hayes says:

    Once you finish decorating, take an inventory of your decorations. Decide what you will use and what your not. You don’t want to hoard a ton of decorations that end up taking up all of your storage space. If you donate some stuff now a family in need can use them for the holidays and you get a tax right off before the new year.

  2. I hadn’t thought about donating them early so that someone else can use them. I have to start thinking of write offs to get done before this year is through—great reminders!

  3. tstarmom says:

    I store my Christmas decorations in storage containers and they are sorted by room/rooms. i.e.-One box is for kitchen, bathrooms, & dining room. Another box is for the living room, etc. This is a great system b/c I take all of the containers out at the beginning of December and place each one in the appropriate room. This way, I can take a week or so to decorate without having an unorganized mess. Ditto for packing it all up. Last, get rid of the stuff you don’t use!

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