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To do list update

on December 4, 2011

Below is my original goals and how I did.  If I keep checking in on what I actually get done, I will either create more realistic goals or get more done.

Plan for today:

  • NO—Clean bathrooms–cleaned 1/3 toilets (nothing else)
  • YES—Exercise–weight circuit 2x with running as warm up and breaks  (changed some exercises, but complete workout)
  • NO—Clean surfaces so decorations can be placed on it
  • YES/NO—Plan for week for school (planned Monday and Tuesday)
  • YES–Plan chores for the week (rough draft)

Bonus tasks:

  • Get Groceries—NO
  • Organize counter—NO
  • Purchase Christmas presents—YES—got 3 more presents I needed
  • Visited with Mom and sister
  • Watched parts of Packer Game

Overall I had a productive day without being stressful–perfect for a Sunday.  Now to relax before the work week and sleep.

One response to “To do list update

  1. Karen says:

    I think this sounds like a great weekend. Exercise…think what a good example you are for the girls. Planning for work….yep…very important. Visit with mom and sister and watch Packers…very important. The rest…you’ll get done at some point:)

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