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Room of the Month

on November 27, 2011

I have a new idea to help focus my organizational effort.  I am hoping to have a room of the month and focus my extra non-maintance cleaning on that room.  I’m hoping that I will be able to see more progress than if I spread my energy throughout the house.

The month long focus should also help me to allow for flexibilty as far as when things get done.  I sometimes set goals to clean out a room or closet and then do not complete them and feel like a failure.  Sometimes I set goals that are unrealistic.  Other times I am just lazy and choose to do something else and then get mad at myself for not meeting the goal I set.

My room for the month of December is my bedroom.  It has become a cluttered mess due to us hiding items out of view from visitors and plopping stuff down quickly before going to bed.  I need to do a serious overhaul on my closet and dresser. I have to be honest on if I will ever wear it again.  I also have to take a serious look at if I SHOULD wear it again.  Does it fit?  Do I like it? Does it look good on me?  Unfortanately, this prodject will likely involve shopping to replace items that are worn out or the wrong size.

I’d love to say that in 12 months most of my house will be organized, free of cluter, and a sanctuary of stuff I treasure.  However, I also don’t want to lie to myself.  I may end up focusing more than one month on a room or rotate to a different room without completion.  Focus on December and adapt from there.


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