In Pursuit of an Organized Life

. . . putting life in order


on November 22, 2011

I heard a quote that  I don’t quite remember, but it was something like—-If you live according to your priorities, you will be happier.   It made me think about my priorities and I’ve decided that they are fitness, work, family, and organization.  Obviously, there are other areas that are important to me, but if I try to do too much my head explodes.   On the other hand, I can’t focus too much energy on one area or my life becomes out of balance and caotic.

I think about how often I’m doing filler tasks that aren’t towards my main goals.  TV, facebook, thinking about completing a task, etc.  I tried to fill in the idonethis emails to chart what I accomplished.   It was a nice way to reflect on where my time went and if it was spent how I wanted.  Realistically, I will not be productive all of the time, but I want to make sure my non-productive times are enjoyable.  Putting in a movie I want to watch rather than watching random tv show that is the “least bad show” on in its time slot.  I want to be careful that this site is used to motivate me to progress rather than help procrastinate.

Here is a brief update on my priorities.

Fitness—going well.  I’m doing a wide variety of activities and sneaking in more short burst of exercises at home.  I’ve had a session with a personal trainer and have enjoyed getting suggestions for exercises and an idea of what weight to use for each exercise.  I love that I have some plan to follow when I go to workout rather than wandering around and doing a few reps on my favorite machines or doing exercises I like.  He designed a circuit workout so  I can do it 1-3 times depending on my endurance, time, and body for the day.

Work—taking a short break from work tasks.   I am enjoying the time off—we will see if it bites me in the butt later.  Work takes up so much of my waking time so it needs to be a priority.  I do enjoy my work—but I need to feel like there is more to me too.  I always have great ideas and plans for work, but don’t have the time to do all of them that I would like.  On the positive side, I had a great meeting that helped energize me and add confidence.  It was great to talk with other SLPs and brainstorm.

Family—Love my family with all my heart.  The girls are growing and doing cute things everyday.   The holidays make me think of traditions and expectations.  How do you balance and establish traditions?  We are still in the mist of establishing our immediate families traditions.  Traditions from each side of the family, maintaining old traditions and finding new ones, what emphasis/money to spend on each holiday?  How do you enjoy the holidays with kids at different ages?  How do I make the holidays meaningful without being stressful?

Organization—not doing as well with that as I have hoped, but to be fair I also haven’t put the time or effort in.  My husband and I went through the laundry/storage room.  It felt great to speed through it and have things dealt with right away rather than having a pile to address later.  I could ask my husband where to put an item, what to toss, and figure out what something is.  I forgot how large that room was.  The floor is mostly clear and the counters still have stuff on them, but are piles rather than random collage of junk and treasures.

Well I’m off to either de-stress or get stuff done.  Have a great day!


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