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Strange Motivation

on November 19, 2011

I had an uneasiness yesterday.  Nothing was persay wrong—just off and antsy.  Nothing I wanted to do seemed like the a was on tv and my husband was busy.  So upon my husband’s advice—I did exercises—which was nice, but I need work on my side planks.

Then I went up stairs and did a quick tidy of bathroom and got ready for my bath.  Well the cough medicine bottle was placed on its side and started to drip.  Red cough meds dripping from 3 feet up onto a toliet makes it look like someone died.  So I actually cleaned the bathroom.  It’s been on my list for days and I probably spent more time thinking about doing it—than actually doing it.   So it felt good to actually get it done.

Well I’m off to wash the floor in the bathroom to finish off the project.  First—I’m going to get my school stuff out of the car though.  There are plenty of times when I would have worked on it—had it been inside the house—I know it’s sad.  Hope you are getting more done than I am.



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