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The Little Things

Well my youngest was sick. She is on the mend and should be ready to go back to school tommorrow. While my first choice would have been to go to work as planned, it was kind of nice to have a day to get little stuff done. I prepped some meals for later in the week, did some laundry, ordered some presents, paid my national professional dues, and set up the girls’ flu shot. Well I should try to get another burst done while my daughter is asleep and my oldest is still at daycare.

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Physical Organization Vs Time Management.

I started writing the blog in order to improve my clutter. I have ended up focusing more on the time managment. It may be me stalling from dealing with clutter.  I’ve always hated making the decisions about what to keep and where to put the stuff I want to keep so I can find it again.  I tend to avoid those tasks as well as cleaning even though most of them don’t take that long.

The other part of the shift  is that my time managment has a larger impact on my stress level.  The evenings and weekends feel so short.  It can be so overwhelming especially when I get behind.  I suppose if I have better time managment  I can allot more time to cleaning and do more organizing and clutter management.

Speaking of which I should get some of that done today.  Having a great weekend with my 5K and grocery shopping, but  I will be gone next weekend and Halloween the following and then having people over the first weekend of Nov.  So I should stop neglecting my house and get off of the computer.   Have a good day!

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