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Home to Work

on October 9, 2011

Well the menu planning is still going well. I made up the Oct calendar. Some of the same dishes, but some recipes I found during September. The planning for a month doesn’t take that much longer than planning for the week. The main part I am struggling with now is finding a way to cook the more complex meals before we want to eat. I just have to get better at doing parts of it ahead or saving the quick meals for evenings I work late.

Now I’m trying to apply the meal planning idea to my work. Partly because I’ve been wanting to get more organized at work, but motivated by the fact that I am going to be observed at work (unanounced) in the next 3 weeks. I have the bad habit of planning my sessions the day before or the day of. I’m hoping if I plan a week or so at a time that my lessons will be better and I will be less stressed. So far I am half way done making a summary cheat sheet of my students goals and I have Monday planned.

My goal for today is to finnish the summary sheet and plan through the end of the week. I’d also like to make applesauce/apple crisp, go to the Y, run, get groceries, make meatloaf, clean the floor, fold/put away laundry, clean the kitchen, play with my girls, and relax with my husband. The odds of me getting all of that done (especially now that I’m out of coffee) is slim. Wish me luck!

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