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Chores 33% 5k 100%

on September 13, 2011
  • I am slightly behind on the chores for today.  I did a load of laundry.  I still have to fold it and put it away, but I put away a load from yesterday.  I didn’t clean the bathroom or the glass tables though.  They go pretty fast so I should be able to do that tomorrow.


  • I did get my 5K done on the treadmill.   It wasn’t pretty—I was unmotivated and walked a few times, but I went all 3.1 miles.  It ended up being a decent time for me.   I hope I can get more consistent so I can see my progress and increase my mileage.


  • I also sent some emails that I needed to get sent for work.  I still have three to send in the AM because there were multiple people with the same last name in the database and I wasn’t sure which one worked at the school I’m at.

Well I’m off to eat an ice cream sandwich and then shower and then bed.  The weekly planning seems to be helping.  Much more mentally manageable than a weekly todo list.  Have a great day!  I’d love to hear your organizational successes and setbacks.




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