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New Cabinets

on August 26, 2011

We got new cabinets for our dining room. Which is good for several reasons:

1) Less piles on the tables and floors

2) Doesn’t look as junky

3) More storage containers are empty

4) Easier to find things

4) Expands kitchen storage

Its amazing how it looks like I have a lot less cookbooks now that they are in the shelves versus in a big plastic tote. I get to buy more cookbooks!!! Well I should probably use the ones I have or get rid of some other ones first. The less I buy the less time I have to spend organizing and sorting.  I seperated the casserole and baking dishes from the appliances.  Both areas are easier to find and less likely to break.  I had items I forgot I had like an electric wok and thermos.  I had more appliances than I thought and less baking dishes. My husband is working on getting the shelves installed as well as staining the cabinet to match the rest of the furniture.  So the project isn’t done—but it is far enough along to have a positve impact on the organization of our kitchen and dining room in general.


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