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1 of 3 Pantries done

on August 18, 2011

I sorted through one of the 3 places that hold non-parishable foods. It doesn’t look that different, but it should be more well organized.  I had it mostly sorted, but it slipped because of quickly shoving things where they fit.  The main motivation was spices.  I knew I had spices and couldn’t find them or wasn’t sure if I had it and bought another one.  I now have LOTs of chili powder and tyme.  I suppose I always did–I just didn’t know it.  I have some shelves labeled so maybe  I can keep the organization longer. I also started a list of overflow items that were downstairs.  I am SO glad that I organized it before I swept the floor.  Spices were everywhere, but it smelled good.

On a side note,  I love this pantry.  Its the height of a normal door, but its only one can deep.   That way I don’t have to search to find items or think of weird storage devices to help subdivide the space. My husband built it.  Previously, it was just a jog in the wall that could have stored a garbage can, but thats about it.  Still lots to do.  Every little bit helps though I suppose.


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