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Cleaning vs cluttering

on August 15, 2011

Today I cleaned the kitchen counter. It’s amazing how much stuff accumulates there. Things I don’t want my youngest daughter to put in her mouth, coupons, mail, dishes, snacks, etc. A bigger kitchen might solve the problem for some people, but honestly I think we would collect more stuff.

I was surprised by how good it felt to see the actual counter and have it smooth and without clutter or crumbs on it. I was oddly protective of it. Any stuff that landed there felt like it was invading my space. I am going to see how well I can keep the surfaces clean. There is a bigger difference between clean and a little messy than there is between a little messy and a lot messy. I think once its messy, I get accustomed to it and let more of it slide.

I’ve been focusing on getting the actual cleaning done. I think the clutter is what is draining my energy more. Both need to get done. If I can’t find the surface, its hard to get it clean. I’m not great at either, but maybe someday I will be.


One response to “Cleaning vs cluttering

  1. Karen says:

    Wow…looks great!

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