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Compare and Contrast

on August 14, 2011

I’ve tried monitoring and charting my progress on cleaning to see how I am doing. Last week was pretty good—this week not so much. There is still today left so there is some hope left. (Since I drafted this post I did have a burst of bathroom cleaning and glass table cleaning—so hope is not lost—completely.)

Last week, I had visitors coming so there was a clear due date and motivation. My other theory is that I mapped out what I wanted to get done last week, but not this week. I did map out my meals which helped add variety and avoid last minute quick foods. While I didn’t do what I wrote down on the prescribed day last week, I think it helped me map out what I wanted to accomplish and see the items as individual tasks versus a giant to do list.

So I will try to do more of the week mapping. I remember hearing a speaker on organization talking about thinking about what worked in the past and do that again. It was an interesting point, because there have been certain strategies that were helpful that I stopped doing or that I was never doing consistently. I think using the weekly/daily to do list is one of those things for me. For now, it will help me from either piddling away the day and not getting anything done or from starting lots of little projects and not completing them. Once I return to work, it should be a good format to help purposely define what I want to do with the precious evening hours after work.


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