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Again :-(

on August 8, 2011

Well it felt good to get the whole  house clean for a little bit.   Now it is messy again. Maybe that is why I don’t like doing it that much. The feel good feeling lasts WAY shorter than the time it takes to make it and keep it that way.  Grrr.  It feels like I just did all of these tasks and I don’t want to do them again.   At least with work stuff I may have more reports to do, but that one is done.  Intellectually I know that keeping at it will pay off and it will eventually get easier and more of a habit.


I was going to say it feels like running on a treadmill—not really getting anywhere—but I like doing that and can see progress (100 miles year to date).  Saying I’ve cleaned the toliet so many times does not have the same thrill.  It feels more like I am writing a paper and someone keeps erasing it.   If I’m struggling when I’m off,  imagine when I’m at work and have less time to do it.  On the flip side the girls will be in daycare so there is less time for them to mess it up.


Well I probably need to just do it or find a way to make it suck less rather than whine about it.  Any ideas or cheerleading is welcome.


One response to “Again :-(

  1. Jenni says:

    I have remarked to Chad that our house seemed cleaner when I was working full-time and Erik was in daycare when we were living in Appleton. That observation has frustrated me to no end, too. I’m home more, shouldn’t the house be cleaner?! I have some heavy duty cleaning and organizing to do before my mother comes Labor Day weekend and I’m beginning to feel the crunch of that already. Keep working at it a little every day (that’s what I keep telling myself!) and if you feel help is needed, it’s never a bad idea to ask!

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