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Baby Steps

on August 5, 2011

It’s all baby steps.  Currently I am thinking about the scene from What about Bob where he says “…baby step onto the elevator… baby step into the elevator… I’m *in* the elevator. ”  It’s one of those movies where I don’t like enough to buy or rent, but I want it to come on tv.   Considering I don’t have cable, that is unlikely.  Maybe its on Hulu or someone can loan it to me.    Anyways organization.

Making progress on this stuff.  I finished my list of things I wanted to clean for the week.  It helped that we had visitors to motivate me.  Progress is not going as fast as I had imagined, but about where I expected it to be.  I had a vision of going through the whole house room by room sorting out and getting rid of all the clutter all this summer.  Well if the dishes, laundry, and toys did not have to be redone on a daily basis and I didn’t have kids, maybe I’d have a chance at that.  I did get my list of things that I wanted to clean for the week done.  The main living areas of the house look fine.  Piles of clutter here and there, but at least now it’s taking up a corner of the counter and not the whole thing.

The main change I’ve made that seems to be helping is trying to be single focused while cleaning.  Try to take one task and go till completion rather than making progress on lots of little areas.  I have the tendency to find something in the kitchen and put it in the bedroom.  Then I find something upstairs that needs to go downstairs.  And I work alot, but can’t see it.  I’ve started making more piles of things that should go to different places.  It also helps with the fact that I have a kid that will yell if I go someplace without her and another one who comes anyways.  I just have to remember to actually move the pile to the desired location rather than just having a sorted pile of clutter.

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